Soul Survival Kit: Happiness

Whenever I ask a new client what it is they really want, they usually say -without hesitation – they want to be happy. Happiness seems to be a holy grail for many people, something which they aspire to have but aren’t really sure if it actually exists. I tell my clients that happiness is asContinue reading “Soul Survival Kit: Happiness”

Soul Survival Kit: Bereavement

I often think as the leaves start falling off the trees and the skies get darker and more grey, it makes the process of grieving for the bereaved more difficult. When the sun shines or the sky is blue, it can be a comfort to feel warmth on your skin and feel alive even whenContinue reading “Soul Survival Kit: Bereavement”

Help with sleep

We all need to sleep. You don’t need piles of research to know that; if you’ve ever had a bad night’s rest you’ll know how you feel, and how it affects you the next day . Everyone is different so the amount of sleep you need varies from person to person, but for most people eight hours is quotedContinue reading “Help with sleep”

Those who can, do…

Over the course of the last ten years I have given hundreds of hours of my time – free of charge – through volunteering. Some people ask me why on earth I’d consider doing something for nothing, others think it devalues my skills and services by literally giving them away. I’d argue this point withContinue reading “Those who can, do…”

Soul Survival Kit: Infidelity

Infidelity. That ultimate kick in the gut (or stab in the back) by the one person you probably thought – or certainly hoped – would never hurt you and who you thought was your Soul Mate. Your partner cheats on you. Heartbreak central. Now forgive me if what I’m about to say seems a ridiculousContinue reading “Soul Survival Kit: Infidelity”

Your Testimonials

“Champneys works with Delphi on evening events across our eight day spas on topics ranging from dreams to stress awareness. She is very professional, a pleasure to work with and extremely well received by customers and staff alike! Her workshops are thoroughly researched, engaging and interactive. I would recommend Delphi again and again. I lookContinue reading “Your Testimonials”


Delphi Ellis I’m Delphi Ellis, a Qualified Therapist and Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer, Helping You Sparkle™. I provide talking therapies and wellbeing training services promoting positive mental health, based in MK. I help people find their mojo or get their sparkle back, often after a difficult period in their lives. As a Mindfulness Practitioner andContinue reading “Services”