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Kindfully – Mindfulness for Busy People

Mindfulness for Busy People

A conversation that matters: World Mental Health Day

On Monday 10th October, I will be starting a conversation on my Twitter and Helping You Sparkle™ Facebook page about mental health and, in particular, the role of spirituality in mental health.  There are lots of different reasons why we suffer with poor mental health, relationships (including Domestic Abuse) and poor sleep to name just two.  In 2004,Continue reading “A conversation that matters: World Mental Health Day”

Help with sleep

We all need to sleep. You don’t need piles of research to know that; if you’ve ever had a bad night’s rest you’ll know how you feel, and how it affects you the next day . Everyone is different so the amount of sleep you need varies from person to person, but for most people eight hours is quotedContinue reading “Help with sleep”