Those who can, do…

Over the course of the last ten years I have given hundreds of hours of my time – free of charge – through volunteering. Some people ask me why on earth I’d consider doing something for nothing, others think it devalues my skills and services by literally giving them away. I’d argue this point with one clear statement. ” Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. ”

If you have any skills at all whether its listening, drawing, writing, speaking, creating or more, giving your time for free to someone who benefits is only ever going to down as a positive result on your karmic record. That’s not to say this should be your motive. In fact many people who volunteer find the fact they’ve helped someone with no immediate benefit to themselves (financial or otherwise) gratifying and rewarding. It helps their Soul to Sparkle.

Helping your Soul to Sparkle: The benefits of volunteering
* People experiencing periods of depression often find they become over-focused on their concerns and in worse case scenarios cut off from the outside world. Helping someone else not only raises awareness of the world outside of yourself but nourishes you on a Soul Level through time well spent. Many people I’ve supported through volunteering have described it as a “confidence boosting” experience, some even going on to find permanent employment as a result.
* Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new people. It is a social activity for many volunteers giving people a reason to leave the house, especially those unable to work or have found themselves newly retired. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to expand your skills, show an interest in your local community or something close to your heart, whilst interacting with people from similar and different backgrounds.
* One of the great things about volunteering is that you don’t have to have lots of time on your hands. Even if you only have a few hours a week to spare there are many organisations who will gladly welcome your skills and experience to help them achieve their aims.
* If you think you have nothing to offer why not ask a friend what skills they feel you have? There are lots of charities out there who accept volunteers from gardeners to theatres, zoos to hospitals.
* Most charities and volunteer-involving organisations will pay expenses so that you’re never out of pocket. This can include for example your mileage to and from the organisation or train and bus fare.

So the real question is “what’s stopping you?”
For more information about volunteering in England Visit

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One thought on “Those who can, do…

  1. Love this post!

    I’d add that you don’t need any skills at first: you learn as you go. Enjoying talking to people is plenty to start with.

    It was over a dozen years ago now that I started helping at a volunteer-run day centre for the elderly. The I Ching kept on giving me Hexagram 14 on the subject: Great Possession, the kind that arises from harmony between people and from sharing.

    I’ve seen how people can create big, beautiful things out of nothing but the desire to help one another. I’ve received overwhelming support and acceptance. Had the privilege and delight of getting to know extraordinary people whose strength will always be with me. Also, somewhere along the way I seem to have lost my self-consciousness and given up altogether on preserving my dignity… it was probably when we joined in with the visiting belly-dancers that I realised that was a lost cause…

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