About Delphi

I am a qualified counsellor, well-being trainer and author of Answers In The Dark: Grief, Sleep and How Dreams Can Help You Heal. My community work is aimed at helping people find what I call their ‘mojo’ (purpose or motivation) and get their sparkle back, often during or after a difficult time in their lives.Continue reading “About Delphi”

Authenticity: Giving Yourself Permission to Be Quiet in a Noisy World

At a recent TEDx conference, Abbie Hutty, an inspiring, self-confessed Space Geek (and engineer involved in the development of the Mars Rover), said the key to being an effective role model is having the confidence to be authentic. That confidence doesn’t mean putting on a show for the sake of it. And that when yourContinue reading “Authenticity: Giving Yourself Permission to Be Quiet in a Noisy World”

5 things you should never feel guilty about…

At the age of sixteen, I was marched into the head mistresses office because I had made the decision to leave school, with only a few qualifications behind me. I have no doubt the headmistress prepared for this meeting and she believed she was about to impart some valuable insight into my future, which wouldContinue reading “5 things you should never feel guilty about…”


On this page, you can find out more information about the professional services I provide.  Event Feedback Brilliant tips and insight.  Every part was useful.  Engaging, you were interested in us too which made it much more personal and applicable. Very engaging with helpful tips.  An open and safe environment created – thank you. PLEASEContinue reading “Services”