I’m So Sorry to Tell You This, But You Can’t Love People In To Loving You

⚠️ Content warning: discusses domestic abuse I am genuinely so sorry to be writing this. I know, for some reading, they may be holding on to a hope that if they just love someone the “right” way, they will change. It might sound pessimistic, even hopeless for me to say it (I don’t think itContinue reading “I’m So Sorry to Tell You This, But You Can’t Love People In To Loving You”

Women are rising, people are listening – so what happens next?

Women are rising, our voices are being heard – so what happens next?

Spiritual Activism : why love doesn’t mean you have to like someone

What is love anyway? Here’s some food for thought.

International Women’s Day: Be Bold for Change

It’s International Women’s Day and the theme this year is Be Bold for Change.  As a Women’s Advocate and qualified Therapist I raise awareness of issues which predominantly affect women, like Domestic Abuse and Pregnancy Mental Health.  As part of this year’s campaign, I’m asking if people will wear something bold in the name ofContinue reading “International Women’s Day: Be Bold for Change”

A conversation that matters: World Mental Health Day

On Monday 10th October, I will be starting a conversation on my Twitter and Helping You Sparkle™ Facebook page about mental health and, in particular, the role of spirituality in mental health.  There are lots of different reasons why we suffer with poor mental health, relationships (including Domestic Abuse) and poor sleep to name just two.  In 2004,Continue reading “A conversation that matters: World Mental Health Day”

The elephant in the room: why I talk about things which make people uncomfortable 

Note to the reader: this article discusses domestic abuse and human trafficking A while back I was standing in a café with a friend, waiting to be served.  The couple in front of us were politely challenging the cashier about the cost of a bread roll. The couple were explaining, previously, the roll included theContinue reading “The elephant in the room: why I talk about things which make people uncomfortable “

5 signs it may be time to walk away…

When I was single, friends would often suggest online dating was the way to go. I was against it at first because I believed (and still do) that the Universe brings forward the right person at the right time. But having heard success story after success story , I dared to dip my toe inContinue reading “5 signs it may be time to walk away…”