Mission, Vision and Values

The work I do includes raising awareness as a campaigner in areas which affect female health. That’s not to say that male health isn’t important – it is – but female health is where I have chosen to work in, and where my time is currently best invested.

In all areas of my work, CHOICE is important. Whether it’s a client talking to me about what’s happened in their life and exploring a pathway of help, or helping change the narrative to end domestic abuse, we need to make sure choices are clear. To ensure that people are given choice in decisions which affect their lives, that they feel they can make healthy and fully informed choices from the options they’re given. It also includes holding to account (within the framework of the law) those who seek to take choices away from others through violence and abuse.

The principles of the work I do are founded on the belief that many things can be agreed, understood and shared through meaningful dialogue, education and promoting choice.

Mission – The Why

To see an end to domestic abuse and violence including femicide, and to identify and challenge the root cause of misogyny. To challenge the taboo and stigma of talking about well-being alongside difficult topics like death and dying. To be a voice for the community, where those voices aren’t being heard.

Vision – The What

To be an effective campaigner and positive influencer who aims to improve the global conversation, to promote human rights, and encourage fairness, choice and equality through awareness and education.

Values: The How


Compassionate – To approach campaigning through healthy dialogue in the knowledge that everyone is different, and has a right to be heard. To work in the belief that people are born compassionate, and recognise that many unhealthy opinions are formed through lack of awareness, understanding and from taught behaviour (e.g. taught by others, including the media and institutional culture.)

Humble – To recognise that learning is a life long endeavour and that we can never know it all (e.g. I am not a ‘guru’ or ‘expert’ in someone else’s lived experience). To be patient and understand that meaningful change takes time. To stay up to date with current research and knowledge, to provide an accurate representation of current challenges and always do the best to provide an honest reflection of how conversations can improve. To emphasise that information provided through my services should never be used to replace the advice of your healthcare team. (See policies for more details).

Open – To be transparent in conversation, and equally open to hearing differing views when discussing difficult topics.

Inclusive and Intentional – To be mindful of and embrace our differences and encourage togetherness through intentional conversation. To know that discussing diversity isn’t enough, and that true collaboration means bringing people together to hear their voices, sharing awareness and experiences. There are many other important causes which need time and attention and so encourage communities to establish their own service where appropriate to support those in need.

The energy of my campaigning is intentionally directed towards the vision, mission and values. This includes welcoming healthy dialogue from all global communities, regardless of their race, sexuality and including neurodivergent, disabled, LGBTQIA+ and non-binary people, and those who do and don’t menstruate, to help achieve this vision.

Courage – to show moral courage by challenging unhealthy taboos, stigma, prejudice and discrimination, and by speaking up against opinions which aim to perpetuate myths and violence, for example by tackling misogyny. To not tolerate any form of abuse including insidious communication such as ghosting and gaslighting.

Engage – To open conversations which provide education, knowledge and insight that will help achieve this vision and mission statement, and to enable others to draw on their own strengths which empower healthy conversations which encourage positive change.

About Me

I am a counsellor, author and well-trainer. You can find out more about me here.

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