I had such a weird dream last night: night-time adventures to infinity and beyond

Not many people can probably say they’ve pushed Vin Diesel in a shopping trolley. Although I can; except I haven’t. Confused? That’s dreams in a nutshell.

The loneliness of grief and why I think we need to talk about it

⚠️ Content warning: This article is a discussion around death, dying, loss and bereavement. When we talk about loneliness, we might think about the number of friends we have, or how much time we spend alone. Many people can relate to going days without speaking to a single person; this was almost certainly a realityContinue reading “The loneliness of grief and why I think we need to talk about it”

Finding Your Way through Bereavement

There’s something about the leaves falling from the trees in Autumn, and the skies darkening earlier that grieving people understand. When the sun shines or the sky is blue, it can be a comfort to feel warmth on your skin and feel alive even when painful events have taken over. It’s more difficult when everythingContinue reading “Finding Your Way through Bereavement”