Life is not a journey, it’s a dance

Alan Watts, a famous philosopher and speaker in the 70’s, recognised that from the moment we are born it seems like we are in a race these days. 

We are pushed through different levels of education (nursery, primary, secondary, University), then into work … and then we “work our way up” a career ladder, if that’s what we set out to do.  

But what are we racing towards?  

We have long approached life as a journey, but if that’s true – what is the destination? Our goal in life is surely not to say at the end of our days “Phew I lived longer than I thought I would”. 

And yet somehow we have created an illusion that we are aiming for somewhere or something. But what is that?

If the whole point of a piece of music was to reach the end, we’d have the shortest Ed Sheeran songs in history. And when we dance, we aren’t dancing so that we reach the end of the song. We are participating, enjoying, being part of something which matters. 

So maybe life, then, is not a journey. And it’s not the destination that matters. Life is perhaps the dance, something we enjoy whilst it’s happening. The whole point of dancing, IS the dance. 

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Published by Delphi Ellis

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