When IS the right time to go for what you want?

Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to learn the drums. I would listen to my favourite tracks (in the original days when vinyl records were first “in”) and tap out the drum beat – a bit like “air guitar” but imagining I had a set of drum sticks in my hands instead.  Animal was – and still is – my favourite character from The Muppets and I still think of Dave Grohl as the drummer from Nirvana. Whenever I hear a strong drumbeat in any music, I stop and pay attention. 

As time went on I could be sat anywhere, music would start playing and I would use my feet to imagine I was beating the bass drum, tap the steering wheel with my fingers at traffic lights in time to the music, and even occasionally would imagine what I would look like playing the drums for real.  But I never did anything about it. 

Have you ever done that? Had a goal or a dream about something you’d love to do but, I dunno, maybe the time wasn’t “right”?  If only you had more time. If only you had more money. 

I wrote an article called “The Elephant’s Rope” to explore the idea that something is holding you back and what can help. 

And then I remembered Randy Pausch. He once said you can always tell how much you want something by whether or not you give up trying for it.  He should know. It took him 15 years to achieve his dream of becoming a Disney Imagineer, which he talked about in the last lecture he gave before he died in 2008 (see below). His dying message was strong. Don’t give up on your dreams and have fun. 

Randy also talked about the importance of having good parents but not everyone would say they’re so lucky.  Our relationships can have an impact on our future, our self-esteem and can also impact our behaviour and the choices we make – until we realise that’s what’s happening.   

It’s not easy to change a habit, and it’s scary to change course or follow a dream – but if the change is for the better, you will see positive results.  If timing is an issue, it can still help to make a plan, which is why asking a coach can work. 

Sometimes we also get a feeling that things are meant to change. We reach our limit or an opportunity arises and we grab it with both hands. Like a voucher company randomly sending me a special offer on drum sessions. So I’ve just booked up (I’ll post a picture ASAP). 

What do you want and what are you waiting for?

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