Where there’s a Will

I met up with a lovely lady last week called Nicki from a firm of solicitors called Machins. We originally met at the Bedfordshire Business Women meeting in November and we promised we’d find time to catch up more about what the other did.

The reason I particularly wanted to chat with Nicki is because her specialist area is Will Making. Having worked with the bereaved for over a decade, I know from my client work that the death of a loved one is just the beginning of what can be a painful journey, often made more complicated by the lack of paperwork – like a Will – to finalise affairs.

Nicki told me that only a third of us have actually written a Will. This means that for two thirds of people in the UK when they eventually die, their loved ones will have to pick up more than just the pieces of their broken hearts. They will have to tangle with all manner of legal processes which could so easily have been avoided if a Will had been in place.

So why do people not make a Will? From experience, I know that:
• Some people think that talking about death is morbid or, worse, tempting fate. The irony is that death is inevitable so whether we talk about it or not it will eventually happen. It’s not morbid to plan for your loved ones for when that time comes to minimise their stress.
• You may think that writing a Will is complicated but when involving a professional it really doesn’t have to be. Solicitors are there to help answer your questions and consider all the arrangements you may not have otherwise thought about. Investigate what options are available to you locally. You may even find, like Machins, they are running a special offer for the month of December.
• Purchasing a Will is the ultimate investment and the cost of writing one shouldn’t stop you from doing it. The peace of mind it can provide you with will be worth every penny.

For more information about celebrating life whilst preparing for death in a practical way visit Dying Matters, an online resource for helping you take the stigma out of the event.

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