If We Act: Launching a ‘Movement’ for a Safer World

⚠️ Note to reader: this article discusses challenging topics including male violence. If you are affected by any of the issues discussed here you may find these links useful. I make no secret of the fact I’ve been subjected to male violence. In recent years, I’ve talked about this more openly, also mentioning it brieflyContinue reading “If We Act: Launching a ‘Movement’ for a Safer World”

Is empathy being lost? Here’s what we could do about it

⚠️ Note to the reader: this article briefly discusses male violence against women, hate speech and bereavement, and is a general discussion on empathy. It is not intended to minimise how challenging it can be for some people to express it. There’s now a thing called Empathy Day. Whilst we can acknowledge with any ‘AwarenessContinue reading “Is empathy being lost? Here’s what we could do about it”

Spiritual Activism : why love doesn’t mean you have to like someone

What is love anyway? Here’s some food for thought.