Monday Mojo: Feel-Good Motivation for the Week Ahead

Starting Monday 6th March 2017 I offer weekly motivation for the week ahead. Given the name “Monday Mojo™” the aim of the newsletter is to provide a suggested goal, focus or positive intention for the next seven days. You can subscribe here.

Designed to help you get your sparkle back – Monday Mojo™ offers you food for thought to keep you moving towards the positive, sparkly life you deserve. Subscribers also receive access to a resources area containing feel-good loveliness designed to help them find their mojo.

Offering insight, inspiration and intention for the week ahead, click here to find out more

Monday Mojo™ © Delphi Ellis All rights reserved 2017-22

Published by Delphi

Offers "educational side-bars" which may contain uncomfortable conversations. Been on the telly. © All rights reserved.

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