Women’s Wisdom – Tuning in to What We Need and What We Know

Women know. They just know. And even when you think they don’t know: they know. 

If you follow me on my Helping You Sparkle™ website which promotes positive mental health, you’ll know I already post Monday Mojo – feel-good motivation for the week ahead.  Monday Mojo offers the opportunity for anyone to set a weekly intention which can help focus their attention on something that will help them move towards their goal, even if it’s taking time to rest.

Women’s Wisdom will provide quotes, thoughts or reminders that we can tune in to what we need and what we know – encouraging positive health and wellbeing for women.

Our illnesses are designed to stop us in our tracks, make us rest, and bring our attention back to the things that are really important and that give our lives meaning and joy…

Dr Christine Northrup

As women, we know what it’s like to try to be all things to all people. To try and keep going, whilst keeping everyone happy and wearing a smile.  But this approach can create conflict in the end, especially when we realise our own needs aren’t being met – and haven’t been for some time. It can also mean we lose our sense of self, e.g. who we are, what we want and what we enjoy, and become unsynchronised, if not forget, our innate wisdom which keeps us well.

These posts (and related services) will tackle issues which predominantly affect women’s mental health, as well as focusing on topics which can improve and enhance a sense of wellbeing – things like tuning in to different cycles which can influence how we feel.  The purpose: to enable an authentic sense of what it really means to be a woman, to feel worthy and well, with a right to be heard in a 21st century world that won’t slow down.

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