Here’s why I’m in love with this day

I started the day with the sun on my face,
I had dreamt of my nan, someone so full of grace,
As I danced with the day, it held my hand with a smile,
It brought laughter and sunshine and peace, for a while

I spoke kindly and gently to people who grieve
For their lives plagued with illness yet who choose to believe
That despite all their demons, they will get through their pain,
That one day, with some help, they’ll be happy again

My journey then took me to a place filled with hope
That reminds me I’m strong, I can thrive, I can cope,
That despite all the darkness that I sometimes see,
Someone is suffering, far more than me

So I finish this day with a warmth in my heart
For the day left behind me and the one due to start,
For the people who dare to be all they can be,
And the ones who are happy for me just to be me.

Copyright Delphi Ellis 2014

Published by Delphi

Offers "educational side-bars" which may contain uncomfortable conversations. Been on the telly. © All rights reserved.

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