Dreams and Sleep

We all dream, every night, even if we don’t remember them. But why do we dream and what do they mean?

For thousands of years we’ve been exploring the hidden content of our dreams. 

Today, there are many different theories about why we dream and how to interpret them; I have a dedicated website about dreams here. A dream’s content can be impacted by what’s happened during our day or in the news, our experiences in our lifetime, or even by how well we’re sleeping. 

Research now supports that talking about our dreams can be helpful. I have worked professionally analysing and exploring dreams, researching the topic for most of my life. I am called a “Dream Expert” in the media because of my knowledge around the topic of dreams, however you are the expert of what your dreams mean. As a qualified counsellor I offer a therapeutic service for people to interpret, analyse and explore their dreams in the context of their individuality.

Dream Therapy

You are as unique as your dreams are, and this is why I offer a service which looks at your dream as a form of exploration. Rather than someone telling you what your dream means (which no one can do, except you), these sessions are a form of dream analysis and interpretation, where we work together to obtain compassionate insights from its message. 

How does it work?

A personal dream therapy session can last up to 50 minutes and include possible interpretations, insight and food for thought. You can also receive a brief précis of our discussion sent in English by email afterwards (optional), which can contain the key points and top tips discussed.

This type of ‘dream therapy’ is now available by telephone (U.K.), and call services like Skype and Zoom (global). Interpretations are provided in English. 

To find out how to ask about a dream, visit my dedicated website here.

Please note free dream interpretation is no longer available. If you send a dream for analysis by email you will be directed to the payment service. 

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