Women’s Wellbeing

Being a woman in the 21st century brings with it a range of challenges.  That’s not to say that men don’t experience difficulty, but women often find they’re trying to be all things to all people.

We try to balance work and home life, be there for friends and family, and give 100% to everything we do.  And when we don’t, we feel guilty.

The same applies if we try to carve time out of our busy lives for ourselves; we feel self-indulgent and ultimately burn out because we don’t take the time we need to recharge.

Serenity is a safe, virtual space I provide exclusively for women to come together in supportive conversation, and enjoy a guided meditation. 

Previously, I have provided this at a peaceful location in Milton Keynes, for women to come together for well deserved “me-time”. I called these planned events Serenity Gatherings™, sometimes just known as Serenity.  During these gatherings, we would discuss topics women understand, and use mindfulness meditation as a way to rest and relax.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Serenity Gatherings™ have moved online. The format will be similar to the face-to-face gatherings, and include a talk and guided meditation via Zoom. Get in touch for details.

Self-care isn’t an selfish, it’s necessary.  This was why I came up with the idea for the Helping You Sparkle™ website.  It’s aimed specifically for women, with accompanying services including 1-1 sessions and events, all designed to help find your mojo and get your sparkle back.

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