If We Act: Launching a ‘Movement’ for a Safer World

⚠️ Note to reader: this article discusses challenging topics including male violence. If you are affected by any of the issues discussed here you may find these links useful. I make no secret of the fact I’ve been subjected to male violence. In recent years, I’ve talked about this more openly, also mentioning it brieflyContinue reading “If We Act: Launching a ‘Movement’ for a Safer World”

I’m So Sorry to Tell You This, But You Can’t Love People In To Loving You

⚠️ Content warning: discusses domestic abuse I am genuinely so sorry to be writing this. I know, for some reading, they may be holding on to a hope that if they just love someone the “right” way, they will change. It might sound pessimistic, even hopeless for me to say it (I don’t think itContinue reading “I’m So Sorry to Tell You This, But You Can’t Love People In To Loving You”

Spiritual Activism : why love doesn’t mean you have to like someone

What is love anyway? Here’s some food for thought.

Love and Power: can we have both?

POWER. What does it really mean? I was recently listening to a talk on bravery, in which the view of what Power could be was challenged. As a woman I often see the word power used as a call to assert our right to be heard. There is a growing movement expecting women to harnessContinue reading “Love and Power: can we have both?”