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Women often face challenges that are difficult to talk about in public because we’ve been trained – and shamed – to keep these conversations to ourself. Saying “I’ve got my period” for example is still taboo, and women and girls are suffering as a result.

Research by Plan International UK shows that one in 10 girls have been unable to afford period products and 48% are embarrassed talking about their periods. Period poverty isn’t about not being able to afford branded products; in the UK the research shows some women and girls can’t afford even the cheapest.

As Red Box Project pointed out on Twitter in this vital thread, there are a number of other reasons why girls may not have access to period products at home, including living with domestic abuse.

Women living in domestic abuse may have a partner who confiscates their pads or tampons as a means to control them and other females in the house.  Because they are embarrassed to talk about it, these women and girls miss school or work.

Thankfully these organisations including Bloody Good Period and Street Cramps are working hard to break the stigma. Charities like Refuge can also help support those affected by Domestic Abuse.

To help improve the conversation I use social media to encourage healthy conversation where challenges for women exist, especially around topics like pregnancy mental health, domestic abuse and menstrual health so that we can create meaningful change that lasts. I also run peer support groups for women to help explore the challenges we face and what helps. To find out more about me and what I do click here.

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